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7 Must-Have Drone Accessories for Every Drone Owner

7 Must-Have Drone Accessories for Every Drone Owner

For some drone owners, having an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and experiencing the joy of flying it in the sky is enough. But for other enthusiasts, it’s just the first step. Outfitting it with drone accessories that matter is their ultimate goal in order to get the most out of their flying gadget. Though upgrading of drone is not necessary, for serious drone owners, they consider investing in drone accessories as a must.

Drone Accessories That Will Help Improve The Performance And Safety Of Your Drone

1. Propeller Guards

Propeller Guards

Once you start flying, you’ll notice that propellers are the first to sustain damage among your drone’s parts. It can’t be helped as they are built that way — delicate. Prop guard can help protect not just the propeller but your drone as a whole. In the event of a collision, prop guard will serve as a drone protector by deflecting whatever is blocking its way. It will also help you better spot your drone from afar because of the increased size.

2. Extra Batteries

Drone Batteries

Most drone bundles include an extra set of batteries. But considering the average flight time of drones (about 20 to 25 minutes depending on its size and load) in a single charge, it wouldn’t hurt to bring an extra pair of batteries to save you time and continue having a good time, unless you are willing to wait for an hour or so between flights. But then again, that would disrupt the fun. Who would even want that, right?

3. Portable GPS tracker

Drone GPS Tracker

In the event that your drone becomes a “flyaway,” a portable GPS drone tracker will be helpful in locating your missing drone, providing it did not land underwater. You can also attach it to your backpack containing your drone and other essentials so that if it gets lost, you still have a way to recover it, even if it’s in the other side of the world. Tracking the GPS device can be done via Web or smartphone app. Make sure that you buy a GPS drone tracker device with a long battery life.

4. Drone Backpack or Casing

Drone Casing

Drone isn’t just a toy for grown-ups, it’s also an investment and should therefore be taken cared of properly. One way to protect it is by using a bag or a casing. We’re not talking about regular knapsacks that can be used for carrying almost anything but rather, bags that are specially designed for drones. A standard container for drones should have a soft inner layer to cushion its delicate parts in case of falls or bumps, and it needs a hard outer cover for general protection.

5. Drone Cameras

Drone Camera

Whether you’re a serious photographer or a drone enthusiast, purchasing a camera for your drone is also a must. If yours is a low-budget drone, it’s likely that your camera is of low quality. But that’s the beauty of customizables, you can buy your own quality camera for a complete photography experience.

6. Gimbal


If you have a drone camera, then you will need a gimbal to mount it. Invest in a good one to maximize your drone camera’s capability.

7. LED Lights

Drone LED Lights

When attached to a drone, LED lights provide gorgeous lighting video effects at night. Not only that, it will also help locate your drone in the dark. However, due to power constraint, use of this is very limited, up to several minutes only.

If your goal is to improve your drone experience and if budget is not an issue, these drone accessories are worth having.

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