Drone Photography
Breathtakingly Beautiful Aerial Photos

Breathtakingly Beautiful Aerial Photos

Aerial photography has not always been what it is now. It was hard to take a photo from above, photographers had to ride a hot air balloon and take a shot of the view. The setup inside the balloon itself required much attention, as there had to be a dark area to cater to the lack of features of early cameras. While it’s now considered a mere hobby by some, early aerial photography was used as a part of mapmaking and surveying and was in no way a mean feat.

Decades later, we’ve gone from riding hot air balloons and using kites and rockets to sending an unmanned vehicle aloft to take high-quality photos. The advancements in photographic technology have made the task way easier. All we have to do now is set a drone loose, launch it into the sky, and let it handle the job.

And the result? Aerial shots that capture the world’s scenic places, a view we would have never seen should we have chosen to have our lenses stay on the ground forever.

Aerial Photography: Stunning Aerial Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away

From Canada’s famous stadium to the stunning beaches of Maldives, here are some of the most ravishing aerial photos ever taken.

A Field of Hopes and Dreams: Rogers Center, Canada

Toronto Blue Jays Stadium

Photograph by Tim Gouw

Where Paths Cross: Chicago Railway Junction

Train Track

Photograph by Todd Diemer

Riding the Waves of Life: Vazon Bay, Guernsey, UK

Vazon Bay

Photograph by Enrapture Media

A Look at Nature’s Beauty: Koh Tao Island, Thailand

Waters Edge

Photograph by Dan Roizer

Where Fun Once Was: Abandoned Spreepark, Berlin, Germany

Spreepark Berlin

Photograph by Jaromír Kavan

A Long and Winding Journey: Hoffstadt Creek Bridge, Toutle, United States


Photograph by adrian

The Voice of the Tide: Cape Town, South Africa

Shore Lines

Photograph by John O’Nolan

The Colors of the Spirit: Maldivian Beach


Photograph by Shifaaz shamoon

A Sight to Behold: Maldives Island

Ocean Waves

Photograph by Shifaaz shamoon

A Paradise on Earth: Otisville, Michigan, USA

Otisville River Road

Photograph by Aaron Burden

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