The Olympic of Drones: Drone Pilots Impress at Aero India 2019

The Olympic of Drones: Drone Pilots Impress at Aero India 2019

Since 1996, Aero India, whose goal is to foster people’s knowledge of robotics, especially in making drones, has been exclusive to native talents. But the event has always been successful, so much that it helped India build a solid reputation in the field of advanced science and technology.

And this year, the Indian government, led by the Ministry of Defence, decided to share the country’s world-class expertise to drone enthusiasts worldwide.

Aero India 2019 Draws Impressive Number of Participants and Spectators

Marking the twelfth edition of the biannual air show and aviation exhibition, Aero India 2019 extended the competition for global participants, making it the first international drone competition hosted by the country. The event was held at the Yelahanka Air Force Station in Bengaluru.

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Drone Pilot

Reportedly, the show’s committee received more than 120 applications. But after a deliberation, only 57 contenders had the chance to win the jackpot prizes in all five drone competitions: surveillance fixed multirotor under 4 kilograms, surveillance fixed multirotor over 4 kilograms, surveillance hybrid design weighing 4–20 kilograms, weight drop challenge, and flying formation challenge.

Hundreds of topnotch, sensor-equipped drones graced the skyline at high speed to secure the total prize pool of RS 38 lakh (approximately $73,000). Skillful aerobatic maneuvers impressed the crowd, including the government officials, moderators, and other players.

Racing Drone

The event ended with the announcement of the Aero India 2019 winners. Bagging the trophies and the cash prize were Sagar Defense, Drovengers Quad, Team Dhaksha, Thanos Technologies, and UAS Delhi Technical University.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the winning teams will also be invited to perform at the AlphaPilot, a drone event organized by American aerospace company Lockheed Martin and the Drone Racing League (DRL). The competition, which aims to create an arena for drone experts from all sides of the world to meet and showcase what they’ve got, will be held in the United States later this year.

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