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AirSelfie Camera Drones Draw Attention at CES 2019

AirSelfie Camera Drones Draw Attention at CES 2019

Since its foundation in 2016, startup company AirSelfie has been making rounds in the consumer drones community with their innovative designs of drones. AirSelfie’s camera drones are the first unmanned aerial vehicles to literally fit in the pocket and are the same size as your smartphone. (It may even be smaller than your palm!)

And this 2019, the industry newcomer is all set to kick off the new year with a bang, as they just unveiled three new AirSelfie camera drones at CES.

New AirSelfie Camera Drones Leave CES 2019 Spectators in Awe

CES is the “global stage for innovation,” where consumer tech companies gather to pitch and showcase new products. And since AirSelfie’s debut three years ago, the company has been introducing game-changing drones, starting off with their AirSelfie 2. It’s a pocket drone, small but certainly performs better than it looks.

Although it was met with mixed reviews, one of the first AirSelfie camera drones was still received by consumers with warmth. And this year, the company is about to take camera drone making to even greater heights, offering three new products.

Take a closer look at the three AirSelfie camera drones the company released at this year’s CES and decide for yourself if they live up to the AirSelfie’s famous tagline, “Small is the new big.”

1. Air 100

Air 100

The Air 100 is, by far, the cheapest of all AirSelfie camera drones. The company specifically made this drone to be more of a toy than a professional aircraft. It retails for $99.94 apiece. The drone has 6-minute flight time and takes 12-megapixel photos and HD videos.

2. Air Zen

Air Zen

Another one of the drones AirSelfie launched at CES 2019 is the Air Zen. It captures 13-megapixel photos and 4K videos, which is a good bargain for its $139.95 price tag. Air Zen is more technologically sophisticated than its predecessor, the AirSelfie 2, and the also-newly-released Air 100. It can rotate by 120 degrees and has a water-resistant, carbon-reinforced body, allowing for a safer takeoff and landing.

3. Air Duo

Air Duo

Air Duo is the most expensive of the three new AirSelfie camera drones, boasting a $229.95 price tag. This drone is equipped with two 12-megapixel cameras, one with an 80-degree field of view and another with a wider 110-degree field of view. Its dual lenses provide a better shooting performance, making it one of the must-buy drones in 2019. It also has a longer flight time of 7 minutes, made possible by its lighter and aluminum-alloy body that consumes lesser energy.

All of AirSelfie camera drones are controllable from the One-Touch app, available for iOS and Android users. The app allows pilots to maneuver the drones with ease and adjust photography settings.

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