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All About GoPro’s Karma Drone: Specs, Features, Pros, and Cons

All About GoPro’s Karma Drone: Specs, Features, Pros, and Cons

The latest word on the street is all about GoPro’s Karma Drone. And the question on everyone’s lips is: “Is the GoPro Karma quadcopter well worth its price?” This article will discuss just that as well as elaborate about its specifications, features, pros, and cons. 


The short of it is that the GoPro Karma Drone is a capable and user-friendly device. It comes equipped with landing gear and propellers that are collapsible, making them convenient to bring along when you’re outdoors or going on a trip. The device comes in a backpack in which you can store the drone while it is not in use and you are in transit. For quite some time now, GoPro Karma has been known for having the best cameras capable of capturing high-quality photos and videos. As it is normally used as a GoPro camera accessory, it holds its own unique position in the drone market. Think of it as a drone with a controller that gives off a gaming system vibe. 

Model and Specifications

    • It has up to 20 minutes of flight time.

    • It can fly up to a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour.

    • It has a flight range of 3000 meters.

    • It boasts a Hero 6 camera.

    • It has 4K at 30fps recording capacity.


Overall, the GoPro is a reliable device that’s perfect for anyone who is an enthusiast of GoPro cameras. This particular drone is suitable for all GoPro cameras, specifically the Hero 4 and the Hero 5. You can expect top-notch photo and video quality, and its makers even say that flying the drone feels like operating a GoPro mount. This unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) also boasts some add-on features that make it the perfect tool for shooting an adventure trip or even a documentary. The drone is ready to operate out of the box, and it comes with all the accessories necessary for its operation, such as a battery, propellers, a Hero 6 camera, a handheld gimbal grip, and a charger. 

Flight Performance

The GoPro Karma drone is ready to use out of the box and easy to operate, even for beginners. It can achieve both slow and fast speeds, and it can do well both in windy and calm flying conditions. As the camera is situated at the front of the device and firmly held in place, you won’t have to worry about it falling off during a flying exercise. 



This particular drone is known for having one of the best controllers on the market, ensuring a smooth flight all around. Both beginner and expert pilots can easily maneuver this drone without any difficulty. The controller also comes with a screen that displays the live footage as it is captured by the camera in real time. Overall, operating this drone feels like handling a portable gaming system.


The camera is fixed firmly in place at the front of the drone, ensuring that it is steady throughout the flight. Its three-axis gimbal also enables the camera to be properly oriented throughout the entire flight; this way you can always capture clear videos and images. There is a function that enables you to move the camera from side to side so that you can get multiple shots from diverse angles. There are several recording options: 4K at 30fps, 720p at 240fps, and 1080p at 120fps. 



    • Top-notch camera quality

    • Superb flight performance

    • Is able to record sound

    • Has a controller that comes with a screen

    • Comes equipped with a handheld gimbal grip 

    • Comes with backpack, making it a suitable companion for traveling


    • Has a large battery, which doesn’t really last that long and would need multiple charges

    • No follow-me abilities and collision detection

The Final Word

If you have had a lot of experience operating GoPro cameras, the GoPro Karma drone will feel like familiar ground to you. However, even if you’re a beginner, you will not have any difficulty operating this drone because of its user-friendly quality. It also comes with a lot of accessories that make it an excellent companion on exploring and adventuring trips. 

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