Drone Laws

Every day, the market for unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAV), or drones, is exponentially growing; that’s because their applications have become seemingly endless. There is, of course, its recreational use. Hobbyists, amateur drone operators, and travel vloggers who capture footage of ...

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Drone News, Drones

The heartbreak of losing a loved one is unbearable, more so when dodging death would have been possible if safety deterrents were only employed. However, the statistics on fatal accidental injuries suggest that even the prescribed safety deterrents have gone too traditional and aren’t practical anymore. ...

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Drone News

Drones may now be popularly known for being hobbyist toys capturing breathtaking photos or racing through obstacles in drone races, but currently, it’s notably doing an exceptional job in scientific research. It’s the digital age, and our capabilities for understanding our planet are exponentially increasing, thanks to ...

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