Benefits of Drone Technology

Benefits of Drone Technology

If you look into the history of drones, from the very first time the concept of unmanned aircraft was ever introduced, you would be surprised at how different the purpose it served then from how they’re used now. Drones were made for military purposes. They aided soldiers in carrying out air strikes. They figured, if you let an unmanned aerial vehicle do the bomb-dropping for you, you would be spared. So before there were photography drones, there were combat drones.

The beginning of the twenty-first century, however, saw a shift in how drones are used. Now the role it plays covers different areas, from agricultural and entertainment to educational.

The Various Uses and Benefits of Drone Technology

While there are those who think drones are dangerous. a good number believe in the benefits of drone technology. Proving this is a recent report that revealed drone sales have increased from $40 million in 2012 to at least a billion dollars in 2017.

Drone Technology

The uses of drones are countless, but to name a few, below is a list of the top benefits of drone technology.

1. Photography and filming

Photography and Filming

When the drone industry suddenly boomed, it was the film and photo industry that ultimately benefited from it. Artists, filmmakers, and photographers are able to capture scenic aerial pictures and videos from an angle that would have otherwise been impossible for humans to reach. In filmmaking, drone cinematography has become a growing trend. Blockbusters like Skyfall (2012) and Captain America: Civil War (2016) have both used drones to film some scenes.

2. Advertising


Drones also help promote businesses. Whether it’s by dropping coupons in a crowd of spectators during a football game or carrying a banner with the store’s name in it, flying drone has been proven to be a good marketing scheme for some startups and has helped a lot of entrepreneurs get their company’s name out there.

3. Shipping and delivery

Shipping and Delivery

Although shipping and delivery using unmanned aerial vehicles is still a matter of debate, the concept could be a breakthrough for the world. The use of drones could optimize delivery schedules and reduce labor costs. Drones can transport packages, food, and other essentials to customers across states.

4. Rescue operations

Rescue Operations

In the event of fire, typhoon, or other unforeseen accidents and natural disasters, drones are used to survey damages, locate injured or stranded victims, assess the current situation, look into possible threats without putting the lives of the rescue team in danger.

5. Farming and agriculture

Farming and Agriculture

Some drones have been custom-built to meet farming needs. Agricultural drones are able to carry loads of pesticides and other liquids and even fly longer and faster, covering at least a hectare in just a minute. Agro-drones have auto-adjusting, non-corrosive, and dust-proof nozzles to make sure cropping liquids are spread evenly.

One of the best farming drones in the market today is the DJI Agras MG-1, an octodrone with top-notch flight mode to cater to the needs of farmers. Using drones like the Agras MG-1 in farming can improve yield and conserve resources.

6. Law enforcement

Law Enforcement

One of the most important benefits of drone technology involves law enforcers. There are many police drones deployed at the border states to monitor criminal activity especially drug transportation. Reports say that drones are most efficient in finding lost children, monitoring traffic, tactical surveillance, and tracking suspects without drawing much attention from the public.

7. Infrastructure maintenance

Infrastructure Maintenance

It is expensive, difficult, and unsafe to check the underside of a bridge or the top of a high-rise building. Fortunately, drones are here to do the task on our behalf. There’s not a need for scaffolding, cranes, and harness anymore. Drones can now do the surveying and capture a more detailed and accurate information on the building’s status. With the help of drones, infrastructure maintenance has become easier.

8. Wildlife protection

Wildlife Protection

Protecting the wild is another one of the benefits of drone technology. Drones can be deployed to search for any indication of threat to the animals and ecosystem, such as deforestation and poachers. They can also be used in monitoring endangered species.

9. Geographic mapping

Geographic Mapping

Drones can now also be used to survey landscapes and terrains, most especially regions that are not easily accessible. For the purpose of studying unexplored terrains, drones are flown to capture images of the area that would be used to create 3-D maps. This method has even led to major discoveries like how a drone sent to the sky by Funai, a Brazilian agency for indigenous affairs, caught a video of a never-before-seen Amazon tribe.

10. Weather forecasting

Weather Forecasting

Weather forecasters have also benefited from drones. Drones with exceptional cameras and cutting-edge sensors can collect relevant information that aid in weather forecasting. Additionally, these unmanned aerial vehicles are sent into hurricanes and tornadoes to capture videos that help experts analyze these storm systems’ patterns.

Drones, indeed, have found a number of applications ever since they left the military grounds. As these unmanned aerial vehicles are continuously evolving, it is safe to say that over time, they will be given more roles to play that will make everyday life easier and fun.

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