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Drone Flown to Inspect Cracked Window Crashes Outside Millennium Tower

Drone Flown to Inspect Cracked Window Crashes Outside Millennium Tower

A drone that was sent to inspect a crack on the Millennium Tower in San Francisco, California, ended up crashing outside the city’s sinking and leaning building.

Drone Crashes Outside Millennium Tower After It Was Sent to Check Cracked Window

Drone Crash Outside Millennium Tower

According to a report released by KPIX-TV, the drone was deployed to inspect and take a photograph of a cracked window on the 36th floor of the Millennium Tower. Although it was able to take a footage of the said crack, the craft later lost its signal and ended up crashing.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident, although a young boy reportedly said he was “nearly hit.” It is believed that after the drone encountered problems, it hit the building across the leaning skyscraper and fell a few feet away from the little boy.

The Millennium Tower has had danger attached to its name, and it is feared that what happened would only add to the notoriety of the building. The building has been leaving people scared to walk near 301 Mission Street ever since they were informed in 2016 that it was sinking and tilting. The famous 301 Mission Street was opened in April 2009, and since then, the Millennium Tower has already sunk by almost 20 inches.

Fearing that the crack would cause more unwanted events, District 3 supervisor Aaron Peskin requested to have the sidewalk right beneath the cracked window closed.

Supervisor Peskin told San Francisco Chronicle, “If a window failed totally it might rain shards of glass a whole lot of toes beneath, down onto one of many busiest, most congested elements of town.”

Investigation is ongoing to know the real cause behind the crash.

HOT attorney Thomas Miller said, “We’re trying to evaluate whether the tilting has anything to do with it but we’re also looking at all other aspects of it, structural, whether it’s part of the window assembly, the manufacturing process, the installation process. If it was related to the tilting or sinking of the building, then you would likely see a pattern of other cracks perhaps in that same line of where this window is and I don’t know if this is just the first window to crack.”

Since it has not been decided yet whether the sidewalk below the cracked window should be closed, the homeowners association recently taped up the window and placed a wooden shelter down below to keep residents safe.

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