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Drone Discovers Mysterious, Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

Drone Discovers Mysterious, Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

Not everything is what it seems. And perhaps, the best example we got is our own planet. What we see around is not all there is—just like this Amazon tribe that was never known to the world until a drone caught it in a headline-worthy video.

Drone Films Never-Before-Seen Amazon Tribe

Never-Before-Seen Amazon Tribe

A rare footage of an Amazon tribe that was never seen or heard of by anyone was filmed by a drone sent to the sky by Brazil’s agency for indigenous affairs, Funai. The video, which was released just last week, gives us a glimpse into the daily routine of the tribespeople. One can be seen walking around carrying what looks like a spear. Four or five others can be seen standing near thatched shelters. The tribe was spotted walking through a clearing in a dense jungle in the Javary River valley.

For the entirety of the fifty-two-second clip, none of these people noticed the drone flying directly above their territory. Funai, the only government department committed to protecting groups like the recently discovered Amazon tribe, said that it took their team long travels, by water and by land, to get close enough to the jungle.

Isolated Amazon Tribe

The recently discovered tribe is not the only one in the vast rainforest region. Funai reports there are eight contacted tribes and eleven confirmed isolated tribes in the Javary River region. Additionally, these tribes comprise barely 10 percent of the total number of tribes in the world that remain uncontacted. Although the government would have wanted to make interaction with these groups, experts strongly advise them not to.

As to why, Funai explains, “Imposing ‘development’ on tribal peoples just doesn’t work. Even the new healthcare, even in the richest nations, is never enough to counter the effects of introduced diseases and the devastation caused by land theft. As many tribespeople tell us repeatedly, the new clinics fail to cure them of illnesses that they never knew before.”

But with the recent advancements in technology, we can expect to hear more of these discoveries. With tools like drones that can fly over areas that are normally off-limits and unreachable, we get to see bits of the world we never knew were there.

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