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Drone Helps Rescue Injured Hiker at Clear Creek Canyon

Drone Helps Rescue Injured Hiker at Clear Creek Canyon

A hiker who was injured in Clear Creek Canyon was rescued by emergency personnel who used a drone to find her.

The woman had fallen nearly 30 feet down a rocky slope in Clear Creek Canyon in Denver, Colorado. It then took three dozen rescue workers nearly six hours, an inflatable raft, and two rope systems to bring the injured hiker back to safety from the inaccessible backcountry. Based on the photos in West Metro Fire Rescue’s tweet, the said drone looks like a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise.

Drone Finds Injured Hiker in Clear Creek Canyon

According to the Golden’s Fire Chief, the woman was hiking off-trail when she fell and injured her head. The injured hiker fell in a very steep, hard-to-access area, said Ronda Scholting, West Metro Fire Rescue spokeswoman. After falling, the hiker could not walk out of the backcountry. The rescue workers then assessed the area using a drone and felt that the safest way to get her out was to use a rope system.

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Drone Finds Injured Hiker

The rope system was used to lower the victim to the creek side. She was then carried along the creek bed for about 200 yards to another rope system setup and was pulled up to the road where an ambulance was waiting. West Metro and the Golden Fire Department teamed up for the rescue operation. Additional assistance was provided by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson County Open Space, the State Patrol, the state Department of Transportation, and the American Medical Response ambulance.

From the photos, the drone savior appears to be a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise. Not only is this drone easy to bring along on search and rescue missions, it is also less expensive and faster to deploy.

Further details on the hiker’s injuries and medical condition were not released.

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