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Drone 101: Drone Accessories for Beginners

Drone 101: Drone Accessories for Beginners

Drone newbies find themselves at a loss regarding the use of their drones. While these devices are pretty great to use for aerial photography, operating them can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re not too great with remote driving or controls.

Purchasing your first drone is great, but to fully experience it, you will need a few drone accessories. Here are some of the first ones you should purchase.

Drone Accessories First-Time Drone Flyers Must Have

Drone Accessories for Beginners

Propeller Guards

Getting nipped by a fan blade is not fun, which is why using propeller guards are essential during the first few times of using your drone. A propeller guard will help protect you and any potential bystanders from injuries in case the drone does not fly where you want it to.

Here’s a pro tip: Propeller guards are also a great way to start customizing your drone with cool colors and patterns.

Extra Propellers

When it comes to flying drones, practice makes perfect. However, the imperfect flights can cause you to damage your first few propellers, which is why it pays to have a few extra ones on hand. Propellers are fragile in nature and usually only cost a few bucks, so stack up on them as soon as you can.

Extra Batteries

Most drone sets include extra batteries, but UAVs usually only fly for about 25 minutes (or less with a camera load) on a single charge, so unless you want to wait around for long periods in between flights, you may want to stock up on batteries as well.

GPS Tracker

Believe it or not, some drones still don’t have GPS trackers. Others have less-than-reliable ones. Because of this, you may want to add another tracker from a brand you trust. Drone drivers tend to lose control of their UAVs at the slightest wind change, so it is important that you will have a way to keep track of your drone in case it falls out of radar.

Carrying Case

Drones may be used only for hobbies, but at their price, they can also be considered as investments. While you may feel comfortable putting your drone in your trusty backpack, there is no assurance that it can offer enough protection to your drone. Invest in a good carry case that has some kind of foam-like cutout cushion so that you can store the drone, your camera, and all your accessories properly.

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