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Guide to Purchasing the Best GPS Drone Tracker

Guide to Purchasing the Best GPS Drone Tracker

Although its application now is a very far cry from what it was initially made for, drones, we can all agree, are that product of technology that have become a crucial part of various operations that would have otherwise been way more complicated. From monitoring crops to surveying and mapping, drones are used now for just about anything.

And it’s not just that. Aerial photography using drones has become a bandwagon anyone who has a knack for taking pictures jumped on. Even delivery services are seeking the help of drones to meet the demands of the business.

For a device so helpful, it is only to be expected that drones would come with a hefty price tag, with some drones selling for a whopping $12,000.

The price tag attached to these devices leaves drone owners fearing that they lose their precious property. Problem is, it’s something that happens more than we all think. Every year, the number of cases of flyaways and lost drones just keeps getting higher, and for drone owners, it feels like watching thousands of dollars quickly go down the drain.

While it’s a common problem, it’s something that can be prevented. A lot of drone users have taken precautionary measures to save themselves from having to face that dreaded lost-drone situation.

When a drone flies away and goes out of the owner’s sight, only two possibilities follow: it’s on your neighbor’s backyard, although no longer in one piece, or it ended up someplace unknown and lost forever. Neither looks good, but the former is a way better ending.

This is why a lot of owners attach a GPS device to their drones, as it gives them a way to locate their drones in the event that it flies away. Although it would take a miracle for a drone to survive a fall, at least it’s still there, it can be retrieved and fixed. The GPS drone tracker sends the real-time location of the drone to its owner, data they can access through a smartphone.

GPS Drone Tracker

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best GPS Drone Tracker

When purchasing a GPS device, however, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Real-time tracking ability

Make sure the device is capable of giving accurate location information. Also, consider how these pieces of information can be accessed. A tracker that comes with an easy-to-navigate website or phone application should be preferred. This way, your drone can be recovered faster.


A tracker that has a very limited coverage is not a good choice. Make sure the tracker you purchase has a service range that makes tracking possible anytime, anywhere.


A small and lightweight GPS drone tracker is worth the purchase. A heavy tracker will only slow down your drone and can limit its ability.

Battery life

Choose a device that can deliver longer battery life for longer tracking time.

Setup and activation

You don’t really want to waste time figuring out how to assemble the tracker. Don’t settle for a device that takes longer to set up than your drone. It pays to buy those that are simple to install and easy to use.

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