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Halo Board Introduces Halo Stealth Pro Drone

Halo Board Introduces Halo Stealth Pro Drone

“The drone that lets you fly”—this is how Halo Board describes their newest drone. Being the mind behind the hover boards, Halo Board had high expectations to meet when they first announced they were going to release a new drone.

Unsurprisingly, the company lived up to people’s expectations and introduced a drone that is now redefining unmanned aviation.

Halo Stealth Pro: The Promising Drone from the Hover Board Makers

Halo Board may not be a front-runner in the drone-making industry, but with every release, they have proven that they are not that far from being one. And the newest addition to their roster of drones is here to slay.

Here’s everything you need to know about Halo Board’s Halo Stealth Pro.

Halo Stealth Pro Drone


The Halo Stealth Pro is one massive drone. It weighs 1.3 kilograms and extends 475 millimeters without the propellers. Because of its structure, it usually comes in a separate backpack, which serves as the Halo Stealth Pro’s protective casing. The best thing about the aircraft is its folding design, which protects the fragile parts of the drone to prevent it from breaking.


Some would argue that the Halo Stealth Pro’s batteries drain too fast, but the 22-minute flight time is already a breakthrough considering its build. It can even fly at 45 miles per second, which is faster than the average drone.


It is equipped with a Sony IMX 377 4k camera that takes high-definition stills. The Halo Stealth Pro is also a great drone for aerial photography. It takes quality photos even in burst mode. The videos it records are smooth and clear thanks to the gimbal’s stabilization feature.

Should you want to use a different camera, you don’t have to worry, as the one it comes with is detachable and can be replaced without much hassle.


Like any other drone, Halo Stealth Pro has features like tracking and follow modes and even a selfie flight mode. These features allow drone pilots to adjust the drone’s flying abilities to their preferences and needs. Halo Stealth Pro is also easy to maneuver. You can control its takeoff and landing using the Halo Drone app, which is available for free download on Android and Apple devices.

It also comes with a smartwatch that you can use as a remote control and a tracker. Like a 3G GPS drone tracker, the watch helps determine the drone’s real-time location, which is a great help in the event that it goes missing.

Halo Stealth Pro drones were initially priced at $1497, similar to one of DJI’s flagship drones, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. But the company has decided to lower its price and now you can have it for only $997.

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