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How to Register Your Drone As Per FAA Requirement

How to Register Your Drone As Per FAA Requirement

The past few years saw an increase in drone purchases, and they even managed to garner plenty of coverage at the CES. The growing drone numbers have led the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to declare the necessity of registering unmanned aerial vehicles. And for a good reason.

Here’s Why FAA Is Requiring You to Register Your Drone

The FAA has made it a requirement for every drone owner to register their device. This is to create a database of users that they can help educate as new rules and drone guidelines come out. This process can also keep drone operators accountable for incidents that could happen while they are flying their drones.

Question is, how does one do it? If you’re a new drone owner, read on to know how you can register your drone following FAA’s new rule.

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The Rules

Drones that weigh over 0.55 pounds need to be registered, but this won’t be applicable for drones that will only fly indoors. Drones over 55 pounds, however, will have to be registered using a different process. Drones for commercial purposes (including independent filmmaking, freelance photography, and videography) also need to register using a different analog process.

For those who have more than one drone, there is no need to register each unit, as each registration number is applicable to an entire fleet and is good for up to three years. When your registration expires, this is the only time you need to register again.

The Registration Process

To register your drone, go to the official FAA UAS Registration website and create an account. Fill in all the necessary data and your credit card information and agree to the FAA’s safety guidance list.

Your drone should then be officially registered and cleared, with a 10-digit registration number on the final page. You will also get a registration certificate emailed to you, which will have to be printed out or kept handy on your mobile whenever you go out flying.

You will also have to label your drone with your new registration number, either by engraving it directly on the drone or by using a permanent label to show the registration number on the outside of the drone.

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