The Best-Reviewed Cheap Racing Drones for Newbie Pilots

The Best-Reviewed Cheap Racing Drones for Newbie Pilots

Drone racing is becoming a popular hobby, capturing the attention of thrill-seeking tech buffs. Now it’s even en route to becoming an international sport, which is why newbie pilots are trying to quickly master the hobby so they could join one of those tournaments soon.

However, learning this hobby can be quite expensive, as it requires a series of test flights and you’ll have to buy a new drone after the other crashes, something that happens quite often in drone racing. That is inevitable if you are still training to become a race drone pilot. Luckily, veteran pilots have an important tip to share: buy the cheaper drones for practice flights and save the best—and more expensive—drone for last.

Although you are buying the low-cost quadcopters, it doesn’t mean you’d have to give up on the quality. Truth is, there are a lot of good-quality racing drones for newbie pilots that are sold for less than $200.

Top 5 Ready-to-Fly Racing Drones for Newbie Pilots

If you are finding it hard to look for the most price-worthy racing drones, you are in the right place. Here’s a list of the best starter pack racing drones for newbie pilots like you.

Hubsan Storm Advanced, $139.99

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Hubsan Storm Advanced

Storm drones are Hubsan’s flagship training racing drones for newbie pilots. It only costs $139.00, but it already comes with an FPV goggles, a remote control, and a controller with a 5.35 in x 3.14 in display screen. It even boasts a 6-minute flight time and equipped with a high definition camera.

Swagtron Swagdrone, $149.99

Swagtron Swagdrone

Swagdrone is not only fit for beginner pilot; it’s also ideal for mid- and high-level professionals. It also comes with a remote control equipped with a small display screen for better drone maneuvering. Plus, it comes with FPV goggles, displays real-time transmission from Swagdrone’s HD camera. Its maximum flight time is 10 minutes.

Fat Shark 101 Kit, $169.99

Fat Shark 101 Kit

Fat Shark’s 101 racing drone kit stands out from the rest—it is cheap, user-friendly, and upgradable! It is compatible with high-end goggles and FPV, which means you can stick with this drone and upgrade its parts whenever you want to up your training. Or you can just settle for its original accessories: FPV goggles, remote control, and propeller replacements, among others.

Hubsan Jet, $170.00

Hubsan Jet

Six-minute flight time can be too short when you’re training. Hubsan’’s Jet, on the other hand, can endure 10 thrilling minutes in the air for the enjoyment of drone pilots worldwide. Like Storm, this drone already comes with racing accessories.

Parrot Mambo FPV, $179.99

Parrot Mambo FPV Drone

Parrot Mambo is the perfect first-person view (FPV) drone to get started. It already comes with an FPV camera, which automatically streams the footage live on the Cockpitglasses 2, and virtual-reality FPV goggles that allow you to control the drone. It also comes with a remote control that enables you to fly Mambo seamlessly for 10 minutes straight.

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