All About the New Skydio 2 Camera Drone: The Latest in Skydio’s Second-Gen Drones

All About the New Skydio 2 Camera Drone: The Latest in Skydio’s Second-Gen Drones

If you’re a mountain biker, rock climber, snowboarder, skateboarder, trail runner, or the like, you need to know about the latest model in Skydio’s second-generation drones: the new Skydio 2 Camera Drone.

The Skydio 2 has one main feature in common with the Skydio R1: it’s instinctive ability to swerve and steer clear of obstacles while following and recording you at the same time. But think of it as a much-improved version of the original model as it has better controls, navigation, speed, video quality, and range. But its most appealing feature might be its $1,000 price tag compared to the Skydio R1 that’s priced at $2,500. If you’re looking to record and publish your adventures, the Skydio 2 can be just the drone that can enhance the quality and scope of your videos.


Nowadays, many people, especially travel vloggers, are interested in recording their adventurous moments while on trips. It is for this reason that a lot of them buy GoPros. But if they’re after capturing scenic views, a drone can give them a better and more large-scale perspective that they can’t get with a simple GoPro strapped to a helmet or an extension rod. That said, a lot of drones are expensive. This is where the Skydio 2 comes in: it gives one an expanded perspective when recording at a price that won’t make them break the bank.

Details about the Skydio 2

The Skydio 2 can shoot videos using its 20mm-camera that’s supported by a three-axis gimbal for stability. For enhanced navigation, it also comes equipped with six fisheye camera lenses, which send data to the Nvidia Tegra X2 processor that operates the drone’s AI software. Using such data, the drone then maps out its full surroundings and then plots a course around and over certain obstacles like buildings, trees, and other such structures as it continues to track its subject.

Two New Controllers for the Skydio 2

The Skydio R1 could be piloted through an app you can access on your smartphone, and the Skydio 2 also has that capability. But it also gets two new controllers, which cost $150 each. There is the two-joystick option fitted with the usual remote controls. The other controller, which is the “beacon,” makes use of global positioning satellite (GPS) technology to track the subject and hold their position evenly even when there are obstacles in their way. Both of these controllers allow you to operate the drone at great distances: from 100 meters to 1.5 kilometers with the beacon and 3.6 kilometers with the joystick controller.


Comparisons with the Skydio R1

Test users of the Skydio 2 have reported several improvements this second-generation drone has over the original model, the Skydio R1:

    • It’s much more compact. At literally half the size of the R1, the Skydio 2 has dimensions of 10×12 inches, which makes carrying it around a lot easier.

    • It boasts a longer flying time: 23 minutes from the R1’s 16 minutes. It also has extra batteries, which cost $100 each.

    • It also has increased top speed at 36mph, much faster than the R1’s 25mph. 

    • It’s retained the R1’Ss 4K camera, but its new twelve-megapixel Sony IMX477 sensor allows it to capture better-quality videos and photos. It’s capable of shooting both 60 frames per second (4K) and 120 frames per second (1080p). 

Skydio’s drones have always been said to be reliable in terms of obstacle avoidance. They allow you to shoot your video in a smooth, cinematic way without having to worry about dodging obstacles. Its latest second-generation drone, the Skydio 2, is more of the same but with even more enhanced and expansive features. 

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