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The Best Drones to Buy When on a Tight Budget

The Best Drones to Buy When on a Tight Budget

Almost everyone has a drone nowadays. Whether it’s for a hobby or for professional photography, you’ll find that there’s a drone for every level of expertise. In this article, we’re going to start with the basics. Sure, professional level drones are capable of capturing amazing footage as well as performing gravity-defying maneuvers, but they’re often not ideal for beginners. At one wrong click of the button, you’ll be seeing your thousand-dollar drone plummet to the ground.

Fortunately, there are affordable beginner drones that won’t cost you an arm and leg. Check the list out below for some options available on the market today.

Cheap and Durable Drones 2017

Altair Aerial AA108 Drone

Price: $129.00

Altair Aerial AA108

The Altair Aerial AA108 is one of the newest drones on the market. Users have complimented the model on its user-friendly controls and durability. It comes with Altitude Hold and Headless Mode functions, which are great for rookie drone pilots and even kids.

At only $129.00, users can expect a long 10-minute flight time at a 100-meter range. That’s an absolute steal for a drone with a built-in camera! It also features three flight modes: 1 for beginners, 2 for intermediate users, and 3 for advanced flyers.

MJX Bugs 2W

Price: $198.00

MJX Bugs 2W

The Bugs 2W is a higher and more advanced version of the Bugs 2 range. When it comes to specifications, the Bugs 2W goes all out. Other than a hefty 2S 1800mAh battery, it also contains 1800Kv brushless motors and a full HD built-in camera. The only downside is that the Bugs 2W won’t permit users to make a 3S battery upgrade since you could end up destroying its ESCs. However, even without the upgrade, you still get a flight time up to 18 minutes.

The Hubsan X4 H107L 4 channel 2.4ghz RC Quadcopter

Price: $29.99

Hubsan X4 H107L

Ah, the cheapest entry on the list! Don’t worry, low price doesn’t mean less in quality. Yes, the Hubsan X4 may not come with a built-in camera, but if you’re looking for a drone that is fit for the indoors and outdoors, then this Toy quad model is perfect for you.

The Hubsan X4 comes with a USB connector to charge, and it is ready to fly upon unboxing. All you need to provide is a set of batteries for the controller. It is sold at a pretty attractive price, and it is known to provide overall fun for its users.

The X5C RC Drone with HD Camera

Price: $69.99

X5C RC Drone

With a camera capable of taking high-resolution pictures and footage in 720p, you’ll have endless fun with the X5C RC drone. The model happens to be a leading contender in the budget drone category and since it does not need to be registered with the FAA, you’ll save up on the hassle too.

You might want to start in beginner flight mode since this gives you time to get used to the controls. The X5C RC does not come with a Return Home function, though, but given the price and decent camera, it continues to be popular among many users.

U818A Wifi FPV Quadcopter Drone

Price: $119.95

U818A Wifi FPV Quadcopter Drone

This model is an FPV drone equipped with quadcopters that have circular guards above them. It also has control features such as headless mode and you can capture all the action with its 720p video camera. To top it off, a definite bonus that comes with it is the 4GB micro SD, which you can use to store all those precious moments without worrying about expandable memory.

Whatever drone you choose, you should know that proper drone care means preventing any of those dreaded flyaway situations! To help keep your drone safe, consider investing in a GPS tracker. Trackers help you easily locate your drone in the event that you lose sight of it.

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