The Best Professional Drones for Commercial Drone Pilots

The Best Professional Drones for Commercial Drone Pilots

They say that an artist is only as good as the tools he uses, and in the case of commercial drone pilots, that saying proves to be true. The quality of his work and performance is only as good as the quality of the equipment he uses. He might be the most highly skilled pilot in the world but if he has an unstable drone and his camera is of poor quality, then all his natural talent and skill is of no use. 

Professional Drones for Commercial Drone Pilots

If you are a commercial drone pilot in search of the best professional drones, there are several considerations you must take into factor before you shell out your hard-earned money for the first device you come across.

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Considerations When Shopping for Professional Drones

Professional Drones for Commercial Drone Pilots

1. Budget – Before you consider the rest of the factors on this list, the budget is the first thing that you need to consider as it will have a bearing on the particular quality and type of the drone you choose in the end. As much as possible, it is advisable to set aside a considerable budget for this as you don’t want to end up with a basic drone that can only do a few things or even a poor quality drone. However, you must keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to spend your entire life savings to get the best quality drone as there are topnotch drones out there that won’t break the bank.

Professional Drones for Commercial Drone Pilots

2. Specs and Features – When shopping for any gadget, one of the foremost things you should consider are its specs and features. You would want a drone that boasts a wide selection of features. In this case, the wider, the better and the more specs, the better as you will benefit a lot from a drone that can do many things and not just the basics.

The Top 5 Professional Drones for Commercial Drone Pilots

To help you out in your selection, we’ve compiled a short list of the best professional drones for commercial drone pilots on the market:

1. DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Professional Drones for Commercial Drone Pilots

DJI Mavic 2 Pro lets you see the bigger picture with its Hasselblad L1D-20C camera with 20MP CMOS sensor, making it perfect for those days when you want to capture stunning aerial shots in gorgeous color detail. It offers you a maximum of 31 minutes of flight time at a maximum speed of 44 miles per hour. You also won’t have to worry about memory as it offers storage of 8GB for internal storage and 128 for SD card support. Along with the device, you’ll also get an intelligent flight battery, remote controller, propellers, battery charger, power cable, USB adapter, and the like. 

2. Yuneec Mantis Q


Although this device is a bit smaller than its counterparts, you shouldn’t underestimate what it can do. The Mantis Q comes packed with cutting edge features that you won’t be able to find in most drones. Some of those features are facial detection and voice control, and it all comes within a user-friendly, portable gadget. With facial detection, you can simply look and smile at the drone, and even from a distance of 13 feet away, the device will be able to capture your photo. You can also take control of it with just your voice by issuing certain commands. The Mantis Q also has an intelligent flight mode feature, which enables it to focus on the flying as you focus on getting the perfect shot. 

3. 3D Robotics Solo


3DR Solo feels so  much like a video-game controller that you will instantly feel at home using it even if you’ve never operated a drone before. It has a variety of push-button commands that allow you to use both the camera and the copter to their full potential. You can take off, pause a flight, and land all with just a simple touch of the controller. You can record videos and take pictures and even adjust the camera angle all while you’re flying the device. There is also an HDMI port in the controller so you can connect the drone to practically any screen.

4. DJI Phantom 4


This device is pretty easy to control thanks to its auto takeoff and auto return home features, complete with GPS technology. A connected app also makes it easy to monitor and operate the camera. It can capture 4K ultra HD videos, and you can expect crisp, clear images. Another thing you can expect is clean, smooth footage even while the drone is flying, and this is due to its gimbal stabilization technology with hover function. It also boasts a built-in video editor so you can enhance your videos with elements such as music and text.

5. DJI Phantom 3 Professional


With this drone, you can enjoy stable flight both indoors and outdoors thanks to its fully stabilized 3-axis gimbal and vision positioning system. It has a lightbridge digital streaming feature that enables live viewing of up to 720p video. Along with the device, you’ll be getting a flight battery and a remote controller that’s rechargeable. There is an app so you can easily view the live feed and completely control the camera. 

If you’ve made your choice from one of these models, then you’ve made a good choice. However, there is one more essential device you should consider getting, and that is a GPS drone tracker. 

When you’re flying your drone, it can be so easy for you to lose it due to signal loss, interference, and simple human actions. A GPS tracker makes it easy for you to detect and monitor the location of your drone while it is in flight. In the event that it does go missing, you won’t have to worry and wonder where it is. You also won’t have to scour the entire landscape looking for your lost drone.

With a tracking device, you will instantly know where your gadget is with the help of GPS technology, and you can then instantly recover it. You might think a tracker is just an unnecessary expense, but it’s not. A drone is an expensive investment, and a tracker can help you protect that investment.

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