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Things to Remember Before Flying a Drone

Things to Remember Before Flying a Drone

Guidelines for Flying Drones

Flying a Drone

You’ve just got your first drone fresh out of its box. It’s just normal that you’ll be itching to go outside to test its flying capability and get beautiful shots you don’t ordinarily get from the ground. But before anything else, there are several things you should know before flying your brand-new gadget.

If you open the user’s manual, you’ll find one of the initial instructions is to fully charge your battery before using it for the first time. It would take you about 20 to 60 minutes to charge the battery to the brim before you can start using it. This is more than enough time for you to read the following guidelines from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before flying your drone. These are rules on safe flying, nothing hard to follow really as it’s mostly common sense. Not complying with these regulations will get you fined. Let’s say $10,000. Even if you have that amount in your pocket, it would be a total waste of money to just give it away like that when you can just follow these simple rules.

Basic Rules on Drone Flying

1. Always keep your drone within your line of sight
2. Keep the altitude below 400 feet
3. Don’t fly within 5 miles of an airport to avoid possible collision with other aircraft
4. Don’t fly in public and crowded places (this is to avoid injuring people just in case you lose control of your drone
5. Avoid flying in your neighbor’s airspace (especially if your drone is carrying a GoPro unless you’ve got permission from them to star in your private film)

Fly Safely

Operating a Drone

Even if you’re tempted to take footage of beautiful aerial views of national parks and other government properties, don’t. These areas are off limits. Also if possible, fly only during daytime when you can clearly see where your drone is going. Or better, have a tracking device attached to your drone so you can keep track of its location even if you lose sight of it.

Another tip is to fly your drone just before sunrise. Not only is it safer as there are fewer people awake during this time, but it is also the perfect time to get gorgeous shots of the scenery below when everything is bathed with golden streaks of sunlight.

Drone flying is fun, that’s the reason why the number of drone users is increasing. But while the number of users continues to rise, so does the number of hobbyists getting busted. The problem is that drone flying has gone mainstream that anyone who can afford it can purchase one online anytime. But the thing is, they fly it right away without fully understanding the rules set by the drone-governing bodies. But as long as you follow the rules concerning drone flying stated above, you’ll be fine.

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