The Top Agricultural Drones in the Industry

The Top Agricultural Drones in the Industry

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are not just useful in the media, entertainment, and amateur fields. They also see a lot of use in the industrial and agricultural sectors. In the agricultural field in particular, they are applied to many farming practices to increase the production of crops as well as monitor their growth. 

Drones are useful to farmers in many ways. It provides them with an aerial view of their fields, so they are better able to check and monitor issues such as soil variation, irrigation problems, and fungal and pest infestations. The sensor and digital imaging technology that drones offer help give farmers a richer and more detailed picture of their fields. 

As such, there is a huge and lucrative market for drones or UAVs in the agricultural industry. However, it should be noted that agricultural drones are not your usual consumer-grade equipment; they are much more advanced tools used for data gathering purposes. If you’re a farmer or agriculture service provider, we’ve compiled a list of the top agricultural drones available in the market for your reference:

Fixed-Wing Drones

When you want to cover a lot of ground in as little time as possible, fixed wing UAVs are your best choice as they can cover more ground than a typical quadcopter. 

Ebee SQ

agricultural drones
Commercial UAV Expo

This drone is known to be easy to fly thanks to its advanced flight planning and image processing software that allows for a streamlined and more efficient drone-to-tractor workflow. It is so efficient that it can gather visual and multispectral data within a range of 500 acres, all under a single flight.

PrecisionHawk Lancaster 5

Spire Drones

This drone is also popular among agricultural surveyors thanks to its wide range of aerial sensors and intelligent drone design. This latest model features a rugged chassis that allows for more durability on hard landings. It also boasts a new tail structure, smarter on-board flight control, and a longer wingspan for enhanced stability.

Multi-Rotor Drones

If the specific task you have in mind is spotting issues and detailed surveying, then a multi-rotor drone is the better option for you as it can give you better image resolution and accuracy than a fixed-wing type. However, you should note that you will have lesser coverage and range with this type (usually up to a maximum of 50 acres).

 PrecisionHawk Crop Scouting Package

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Precision Hawk

If you’ve just started using an agricultural drone, this starter-level package from PrecisionHawk will be perfect for your needs as it is more than capable of performing visual surveying tasks. It consists of a Phantom 4 PRO that features a visual sensor, image monitoring and flight monitoring software, and a mobile app for easier and more convenient monitoring through your smartphone. 

DJI Smarter Farming Package

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Farm operators and agricultural service providers looking for an affordable and user-friendly surveying tool can find it in this particular package. It features two onboard sensors and a remarkable image processing software. It’s ready to work out of the box, so you won’t need to figure it out that much.

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