UVify IFO Swarms the Market, Starting at CES 2019

UVify IFO Swarms the Market, Starting at CES 2019

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are the newest fireworks to light up the night sky. Now any show can be turned into Intel-powered occasion, where hundreds of drones fly in a unique, choreographed light show. From Coachella to the Super Bowl, Intel has made a drone light show possible with their innovative UAVs.

This year, however, Intel might just meet its match as UVify is about to swarm the market with a better deal—a light show drone that anyone can buy.

UVify Shows Off New IFO Drone at CES 2019

The California-based drone company has just launched its latest addition to their fleet—the IFO or Identified Flying Object. A fleet of these drones swarmed the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it bagged the Best Consumer Drone award.

The UVify IFO fleet is specifically designed as high-performance choreography drones fit for light show applications. IFO beats the rest, as it is equipped with superior LED lighting and stackable design for easy transport, including a flight time of 25 minutes or more. Each drone is lightweight, small, and ergonomically designed, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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New IFO Drone

On top of that, the swarm drones are engineered with integrated real-time kinematic GPS and redundant communication to ensure accurate positioning and overcome interference, which means UVify IFO drones are immune to radio jamming. With this state-of-the-art technology, event organizers will never have to worry about interrupted shows because of frequency jamming.

Unlike its competitors, UVify IFO drones are available to the public. The monthly subscription costs $99 per drone, with a minimum purchase requirement of twenty drones, subject to a year of service. In a month, consumers would have to pay $1,980 (equivalent to $23,760 annually), which is relatively cheaper in contrast to drone light show service fees. The Drone Light Show Company, for example, is providing drone shows for an astronomically high price of $13,400. (That’s almost twenty grand for a show that lasts for only 4 to 8 minutes.)

UVify IFO Small Swarm

Event planners, DJ lights and sounds services, and contracting drone show services can also guarantee a reliable shipment, fast replacement services, and quality customer and technical support as part of the monthly payment. Besides that, a UVify engineer will be assigned to help the customers maneuver the IFO drones.

With the IFO fleets available in the market, anyone can now take part and earn their fair share in the drone entertainment industry that was once monopolized by top-notch tech companies.

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