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Yamaha to Launch a New Drone This 2018

Yamaha to Launch a New Drone This 2018

Yamaha is known as the forerunner when it comes to motorcycle manufacturing. Since its foundation in 1955, the Japanese company has been people’s go-to when they need a new two-wheeler or marine products like boats and outboard motors. But now in 2018, sixty-three years into the business, Yamaha Motor Company Limited is aiming to impress a wider market as they gear up for the release of a new agricultural drone.

Yamaha Reveals New YMR-01 Drone at CES

Yamaha Drone

Yamaha recently announced that they will be launching the new YMR-01 drone, a multi-rotor device¬†made especially for agricultural use. This isn’t actually Yamaha’s first unmanned aerial vehicle ever. The company introduced their first remote helicopters in 1989, which were made for the same purpose. It was used for spraying chemicals that helped protect crops, making Yamaha a big role player in Japan’s rice paddy cultivation industry. The same UAVs were used in other countries including the United States, Australia, Korea, and New Zealand.

The YMR-01 drone, however, is Yamaha’s first multicopter. The new drone is feature-packed, easy to use, and has an advanced spraying capability to cater to the needs of modern-day farmers. It has six rotor positions with two sets of vertical coaxial blades in the middle on both sides. When spray nozzles are placed, the position of the blades allows the pesticides to be evenly sprayed.

Another amazing feature of Yamaha’s YMR-01 drone is its monocoque shell carbon fiber body that gives it a lightweight and impressive rigidity. Its fiber body also has a double-air-intake design to maintain a low temperature and prevent the electrical system from overheating. And one does not have to worry about the landing, as the drone is equipped with a gear made to reduce the impact during touchdowns.

Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018, the YMR-01 multi-rotor drone impressed audiences and is expected to be the talk of the town once it hits the shelves. Although the company is yet to reveal an exact date, the wait won’t be too long, but even if it is, it will certainly be worth it.

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